⛱️ Gamedust Summer Pack ⛱️

(っ◔◡◔)っ ❤Give Away

『 First - you can participate in our giveaway on the Gleam platform, thanks to which you can win a set of all of our games and some great bonuses as well!There are 25 winning spots and EVERY winner receives following goodies:

🌴▶️▶️GIVE AWAY LINK◀️◀️🌴

『 All winners are chosen randomly upon Give-Away end. But you can increase your chances (by gaining extra entries) by doing more actions.

『 The winners can chose on which platform they would like to claim their rewards. E.g: Yupitergrad had been published on Steam, PlaystationVR, Oculus Store and Viveport. So if you prefer to claim a copy on Playstation over Steam or a Steam key instead of Oculus Store key - you can do so! The choice is yours!

『 Winners will be contacted via email, personally by us. So be sure to type in your email address when entering Give Away. Oh and don't worry - the emails are not being farmed/archived anywhere. So the only email you will receive - is upon winning. No spam or shady emails.

『 You can use any of the 9 ways to enter the Give-Away, but using many of them will grant you additional entries, like you would enter many times. Using them ALL will will reward you with a whooping 20 entries!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ❤ Weeklong Sale

『 Second - Anyone interested can take advantage of the highest discount on any of our games.
Weeklong will last from 12th to 19th of July 2021.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ❤ Point Shop & Trading Cards


『 Third - If you like beautiful and polished Community Items  and Point Shop Items  (we know you like it!) - then you must see the ones that we added to Neverout . Yes, we're dedicated to still support our first game! Following the saying:
"Knowing where you going - remember where you came from."

You can check them all (both Community Items and Point Shop) here: 


We wish you all a great summer!
Stay safe, komrades!
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